Saturday, March 5, 2016

An Unseen Hand Tried to Open the Fabric of Air ...

My son, Tommy and his little son, Taban.  (Date is incorrect on this photo ... should be 2009)

In my lifetime ... strange things happen ... I stay calm because I know they are real ... and I want to see, not run away. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

I wrote a true story this morning on one of my writing sites.  I entitled it ... Wrinkled Air. Here's the link to the story:

I wrote about how the very air wrinkled in front of me ... all stayed still and normal ... excepting the one area in front of me.  It was as if an unseen hand took the fabric of air ... like curtain fabric ... began to squeeze it with unseen fingers ... to open it.

I was on the cellphone with Skip as it happened.  I began describing it to him.  Skip knows I tell truthfully what happens whenever something does ... even to the point where if I'm at fault, or something I've said, done is unfavorable ... I'll tell him.  I don't tell things to be telling them.  

Most of the time, I don't tell strange things I see, experience ... at all.  It's easier to write them as I think about what happened.  I've never been good at running to tell everything I see, hear. That's not 'me'.  

The very air in that one spot (you can read my story at the link) ... began to wrinkle up ... clear air wrinkled in front of my eyes as I told Skip what was happening.  I could see through the air ... and see the disturbance at the same time.

The air stayed disturbed in that one spot about where Tommy's hands would be if he'd been trying to open the curtain of air.  I was up on the edge of the chair I sat in.  I knew Tommy would step out at any second!

The wrinkled air smoothed back out ... the air was normal again ... no shimmering, wrinkling.
Tommy didn't step out ... I never saw him at all.  I do know inside that it was Tommy.  I wasn't afraid ... I was focused on what was happening in front of my very eyes.

I was left sitting there with tears in my eyes.  I was excited at what had just occurred ... my mind kept playing over and over ... how the very air wrinkled, shimmered up.  All the air stayed normal around it ... I was pure amazed.

This is a true story ... of just one of the strange things that have happened in my lifetime.  Since I know they really happened ... I experienced them ... I know them to be true.  If anyone else tells these things ... I pay close attention as I listen to their tales.

Note by this Author:

This is a true story in my life.  I have experienced many strange events all through my time. Photo/story is owned, written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


  1. Tommy protecting you

  2. That was probably Tommy visiting you. There was no reason to be afraid. Tommy would never hurt you. Never! As you know, I live in my grandmother's house. She visits me any time. I know she would never hurt me. Love, Ms. Nancy