Thursday, December 17, 2015

Writing Until the Grief Ebbs Away

Writing Until the Grief Ebbs Away
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Eyes closed, all is quiet excepting for the sound
Of raindrops falling onto the metal box outside

I'm sad today ... grief crept back into my world
Really ... it was there all along

It sits, waits for days like this
Days without brightness ... colors

Oh God ... please let the sun shine
Shine on me ... keep the darkness away

Let colors of the rainbow fill my world
Never no more black ... gray

I've had a lifetime of grief ... pain
I know how it feels to lose all my loved ones

They are gone I'm still here
To mourn their loss to the day I die

Death to death ... no more pain
Death, grief ... death takes it all away

Rain, rain go away ... raindrops become my tears
Falling heavy upon the metal box outside my window

I am so sad ... grief has sneaked into my day
I feel the birds in the cage begin to panic

Panic, beating their wings against the bars
Of the bird cage ... please let me out

Death is close by in my thoughts
I'm afraid ... I have lost my son, only child

I can't bear this pain ... I don't want to think about it
Please grief let me go ... I wish the sun would shine

Filling my world with a rainbow
With many colors to take away my pain

Sunlight to brighten every corner of my mind
Until no more shadows remain

I listen to the raindrops fall as I cry in my mind
Wind sweeps bare branches back and forth

Cold, wet ... I want to get warm
Grief go back where you come from

I take several breaths ... rest my head on my arm
I open my eyes to see ... golden sunshine

Smiling, I sit up straight to look around me
I see colors in the bright light

I know that once again everything's going to be alright
Grief has gone away until another rainy day

I sit here writing these words
Writing until the grief ebbs away

Note by this Author:

Today I am writing the grief away.  It has crept up on me through the shadows of the rainy day.  I'll be alright as soon as the sun shines on me ... making colors bright again.

I can say that this year I am more myself than I have been since my Son, Tommy ... died.  I knew the holidays would probably bring on grief.  I also, knew this time I would be alright.  I am ... you are just seeing me write until my grief ebbs away.

Poem/photos owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


  1. Your writing expresses your grief very strongly but I wish you had not had to suffer this.

  2. Sunshine and brightness would make anyone feel better! Love,Ms Nancy