Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Can You Imagine?

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By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny

Can you imagine losing many family members ... friends ... all close to the same time?

Tonight ... I was thinking about such.  Why?  Because I was looking on the Facebook page of my friend who died just after Tommy, my only child ... died.  

Can you imagine ... if you've never had a loved one to die ... how grief feels?  I believe that if you imagine for several moments how it feels to lose someone you love ... you will feel instant grief enough so, that you can't bear to imagine anymore.

Just think how it feels ... for the loss to be really true.  It's too much to bear, isn't it?  Just imagine ... when the loss is more than one ... more than ten ... how about nineteen people ... family, friends who died?  I know how that feels.

Tonight ... I was grieving over my friend, Lena ... who lived in Sweden.  She was diagnosed with cancer ... she didn't get to live long afterwards.  I was devastated when I learned of her death.  It happened not long after my only child, my son, Tommy ... died.

Grief ... the flow of tears from one's eyes ... down the cheeks like a river flowing over rocks.  Pain in one's heart ... from pure love, caring for someone who has gone away ... forever.  It hurts ... it really hurts so much you feel it in your stomach ... you want to just lay down, cry.

Tonight ... I was grieving over my friend, Lena ... and for Tommy, my son.  I wanted to lay down tonight ... and just cry.  

Now ... I am feeling okay.  Why?  Because I released my grief in words ... writing.  I released the pain.   I kept my promise to you to describe grief whenever I experienced it.

Why would I describe it to you ... make a promise to do so?  Because ... this way you will know what it's like without having to really go through it.  It can help you understand others when they are sad, grieving.  Maybe you can comfort a grieving mother ... someone who has lost a friend.

You don't have to say a word ... you can come in quietly, read ... go your way.  I'm all right now.  Grief never goes away ... one never knows when it will strike.  

Tonight ... grief struck as quickly as a lightening bolt out of the sky ... unexpectedly.  It struck me hard ... but, I held fast ... the storm's over now.

When I felt the pain of grief tonight ... I began writing until the pain went away.

Note by this Author:

Photo, true story owned, written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

I began writing ... the pain began ebbing away just as the waves washed ashore ... ebbed back out to the sea.  


  1. I think each person has their own way of grieving. We all go back and remember someone we lost from time to time. Some of us just grieve quietly. Love, Ms. Nancy

  2. I find it very distressing to see that friends who have passed on still have their FB pages. Yes, with time we tend to put things in the back of our minds but it sort of jolts me when suddenly I find myself thinking of something I thought I was done with.